Sunday, 8 January 2017

Arriving in Liverpool

It is 3 am on New Year's Day 2013. Chris and I are installed in a studio apartment in Liverpool. I open one eye and notice Chris is sitting on the edge of the bed. It is very hot. I force myself into wakefulness and ask if Chris is okay.
“My blood sugar is fine, but I think I have turned the heating up by mistake” he explains.
The diabetes has wrecked Chris’s eyesight, and he can’t see in the dim light.
I drag my body out of bed and readjust the thermostat.
“Sorry” Chris apologises.
“No worries” I lie.
I am now wide awake. I grab my tablet and start writing. Time for another blog, I decide.
We are spending a few days in Liverpool. For the first time, we have booked in an aparthotel, rather than a conventional hotel. We have a studio right in the centre of town, and the flexibility suits us. The Adagio apartments are housed in the former Lewis’s department store. It is rumoured that Dickie Lewis still haunts the corridors, but I haven’t seen his ghost yet.
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We like our apartment. It has plenty of storage, and a small, modern kitchenette with microwave, hob and toaster. It is immaculately clean.

There is a gym and onsite launderette. We would definitely come again, though another time, I would book a separate bedroom. In a studio, there is nowhere inside to go when Chris sleeps during the day, which he needs to do these days. However, the flexibility is great. There are no set mealtimes, but plenty of inexpensive eateries nearby.....and the wifi is fast and free!

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