Saturday, 6 July 2019

Shops Onboard Ventura

The shops on P&O ships do differ, and their stock varies, but if, like me, you enjoy a bit of retail browsing, then you might be interested in the shops that were on our most recent cruise on Ventura to Iceland. For passengers lucky enough to have some excess onboard credit, it was good to be able to choose to spend some of it at the various outlets on board.
For everyday basics, such as toiletries, painkillers and small souvenirs 'Essentials' was well stocked. I purchased a hairbrush as I had forgotten mine. However, please note that the shops do not open when the ship is in port, so don't save buying essentials on board until a two-day port visit!

There were also special events and temporary tables selling sale items, chocolate, inexpensive watches and costume jewellery in and around the atrium.

Some of the events were very busy.

There was a selection of medium priced clothing for men and women., which I judged to be mostly aimed at shoppers in mid-life or beyond.

At the 'designer' end of their stock were sunglasses, bags, and exquisite jewellery, though the more expensive jewellery prices were not displayed unless the customer actually asked.

And there was, of course a selection of perfume and duty free cigarettes and spirits. The alcohol was not for consumption onboard, so kept for collection by passengers until the final day of the cruise.

The highlight for me was the Dixons Travel shop which was located close to the photo gallery. They stocked a wide selection of competitively priced technology and accessories including fitbit watches, tablets, phones and earphones. The staff were very knowledgeable and would help anyone who needed to set up their purchases.

All very tempting......!!!

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