Thursday, 25 October 2018

Bits And the Poet Go Travelling AGAIN

Just over a year ago, Chris and I returned home from an eventful cruise on Arcadia. The combination of outrunning a hurricane and a broken propeller severely cut down the number of ports we actually visited on our USA and Canada cruise.

There were, of course, highlights, such as our wonderful sailaway from New York.

However, despite the considerable cruise credit we were given in compensation, we did feel the need for a break from cruising for a while. In reality we have travelled very little since then. Our travel budget for much of 2018 was consumed by my daughter's marriage and our new both cases, money well spent.
But if, like us, you enjoy a bit of travel, you'll know that the 'stay at home' desire is very short lived. A few of our social group announced that they were going on a mini-cruise this November. Well we couldn't let them go without us, now could we? And once I started looking at the P&O cruise website, I felt the need to book a second cruise, then a third, oh and yesterday I booked a fourth in 2020.
Sorry, kids, looks like your inheritance will take another hit, but we can promise to show you lots of digital photos of sunsets.

I bet you can't wait.
And then there's my travel blog......yes the blog I finished 'forever' at the end of 2017; the one that got thousands of hits because the ship broke down, and people were curious.  Like a phoenix I have lifted it from the ashes.
In less than a month we will be on Ventura for three nights, for a little festive trip to Zeebrugge, and I feel the need to blog as we go. The last time I went to Zeebrugge in November, we spent an extremely chilly afternoon in Blankenburg.

I think the temperature may be similar this time, but the addition of good friends and a not inconsiderable amount of wine feels very promising.
So that's all for today, just a little taster to get me back into the travel blog habit. With further cruises on Ventura, Azura and Aurora already booked until mid 2020, you can expect to see the blog popping up from time to time. I'll see you on the train to Southampton.......


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