Thursday, 10 August 2017

Three Books: Book Three 'Love Hate and Us' by S P West

My third and final book choice  is 'Love, Hate and Us' by (Bexhill resident) S P West. To add a bit of spice to my blog, this book comes with a warning. If you dislike explicit descriptions of sex or swearing in a book, then this book is not for you. It is definitely an 'after the watershed' read.

The storyline
Brooke never imagined a life away from Emmerton. She never pictured a life without her childhood sweetheart, Brody. But when Brody does the unthinkable, Brooke’s world is turned upside down. Unable to watch as Brody moves on with his life, she decides to start afresh. Unfortunately, leaving her past behind is not a easy as she thought, especially when her past wants her back.

My Thoughts

Written by 38 year old Bexhill-based author, S P West, but set in the USA, the content of this ebook is very far removed from our stereotypical view of understated and respectable life in my sleepy retirement home town of Bexhill on Sea. But who knows what really goes on behind closed doors? And yet, despite its explicit nature, with occasional vocabulary to match, the storyline is unashamedly romantic. The two main characters are handsome, fit, and know how to fall in love and make love with all-consuming physical desire and satisfaction. This is a well written escape from the humdrum of 'real' life. However, this novel is not just a sexual 'romp'. I loved the way the chapters, always in the first person, gave two different points of view. The depth of characterisation varied, but I particularly enjoyed the perceptive descriptions of Brooke's relationship with her sister, Hope. The writing frequently gave us glimpses of the author's ability to transcend her own story-line and explore at a higher level the motives and emotions of her cast of players. 

I contacted Sara, and asked her why she chose the USA as the setting for her novel. She explained "I read a lot, and most of the books I read are set in the USA. It's very easy for me to 'hear' the characters in both American English and British English. I have a lot of American friends that help me keep it authentic." 

.....So if you are not offended by 'adult' content and vocabulary, then this ebook is definitely worth reading....and keep an eye out for the name 'S P West'....if she can write with so much courage and creativity from Bexhill at the age of 38,  I wonder what she will produce in the future? 

You can hear Sara read an excerpt from her books and answer questions at the Writer's Cafe, Wickham Bistro, Bexhill  at 7pm on 19th October 2017.

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