Sunday, 6 August 2017

Three Books: Book Two The Man in the Needlecord Jacket

My second chosen book is 'The Man in the Needlecord Jacket' by Linda MacDonald
This is Linda's fourth published novel, and her considerable experience as a writer definitely shows in the quality of her writing.

The story
The Man in the Needlecord Jacket follows the tale of two women who are each struggling to let go of a long-term partnership. Felicity meets Coll, a charismatic artist. She hopes for a distraction from her failed marriage, but does not realise he has a partner, Sarah. Sarah is deeply in love with Coll, but his controlling behaviour and associations with other women have always made her life difficult. By exploring the developing storyline from both Felicty's and Sarah's point of view, the reader is drawn into questioning the lines between normal human frailty and psychological disturbance.  

My Thoughts
The characterisation is exceptional, and I unexpectedly found myself wondering if there were bits of my own personality in all of the main characters. Considering this is a story without heroes, where the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour tend to be blurred, this necessitated me indulging in some rather challenging introspection. Am I like that? And yet the thought provoking themes were embedded in a story line which certainly kept me turning the pages.  I would definitely read this novel again and recommend  it to friends.

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