Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Arcadia J715; The Last Post

It is just after 4 pm on Tues 3rd October. I am sitting in our cabin, surrounded by packed suitcases. The sea is calm, and the sun is shining onto our starboard balcony. As you can see from the TV map, we are not far from the Cornish Coast. The massive size of the ship symbol on the TV maps always makes me laugh.

I have checked my phone for a UK mobile signal, but there is nothing yet, so I am am back into 'Airplane' mode. I'm hoping we might get a connection later.
It is no secret that this cruise has been one of mixed fortunes, and missed ports. But I have decided not to dwell on the negative bits. I remain loyal to P and O and will take up any issues with them privately. I am not generally in favour of gossip style 'trial by social media'.
The really good points on this cruise were:
The wonderful friends we have made (you know who you are).
The few ports of call which we did reach, especially Quebec.
Those passengers who have been kind enough to read my book 'Different Genes' onboard, and share their comments with me. Also your generous feedback on my poetry performance in the Passenger Show. This has meant so much.
The cabin stewards and waiting staff.....as attentive as ever. This is the lovely towelling swan which our steward, Rizwan, left for us last night.

And here are some of the hardworking crew from the buffet.

Although this is the final blog post of this cruise, the blog will continue with photos of the ship and New York still to come. I do send out a monthly newsletter about the blog and my writing for anyone who would like updates. This is the link Newsletter
Finally, can I send a very warm thank you to everyone who has followed our travels on J715. It is really important to a writer to feel that someone is reading their words, and you have done this in your thousands.
I wish all passengers on Arcadia J715 a safe journey home tomorrow.
Claire Baldry

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