Sunday, 1 October 2017

Arcadia Entertainment

It is 4 pm on Sunday 1st October, just one hour behind current UK time. The sun is blazing into our cabin and the force 5 wind is causing a manageable swell. We only have three nights left onboard Arcadia.  All is well.
Mr Bits and I don't go to all the entertainment, so can't really give you a comprehensive view of everything available onboard. This is just a taster, necessarily limited by our own experiences. Sorry there is nothing in this post about the talented P&O Headliners, as the lighting tends to affect Mr Bits' eyes, so we no longer attend the Headliners' Shows.
There has been a good variety of 'background' musicians in all of the bars. We liked them all, but our favourite was definitely Matt and Sarah, who related really well to their audience, and Matt is an amazing guitarist.....his Mum must be very proud of him!!
As well as the many bars, the two main entertainment venues are 'The Globe' (night-club style') and the Palladium Theatre. Both venues are used for speakers, presentations, music and entertainment.

This is the Globe this morning, being used for a future cruise port presentation.

And here is the same venue, with Matt and Sarah, one evening.

The Palladium is a much larger venue, and definitely my favourite theatre of all the P&O ships I have been on. There are plenty of seats, wonderful boxes, and there is a real West End feel to the venue. Occasional pillars obscure a few people's view, but I think this may soon change. We heard the inspirational Calendar Girl, Tricia Stewart, speak there several times, and watched magicians and comedians....all good!
This is the Palladium used for today's (optional) Sunday Service.

Which brings me to my five minutes of fame! Yesterday I found myself on stage, as part of the Arcadia's Got Talent Show. It was a full house, and I would like to send a massive thank you to everyone who encouraged me both before and after the show.

 Well done to all my talented fellow passenger performers.

 I will post more photos in the next few days. 
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