Friday, 29 September 2017

Arcadia J715 Saguenay

Saguenay was our last port on cruise J715. It is an isolated self-contained Canadian town at the end of a fjord off the St Laurence Seaway. We were berthed aside a floating platform which was designed to accommodate cruise ships. There is a well designed purpose built cruise terminal, and visitors to the area are welcomed with enthusiasm.

Although our arrival had been delayed by several days, the townsfolk had pulled together to ensure that everything was in place for our arrival. Entertainers were on the dockside to say hello.

The tourist desk was fully manned with free maps and a warm welcome. Busses had been 'borrowed' from around the town to shuttle us on the two route 25 Canadian dollar hop on hop off service with English speaking guides. We found ourselves on a yellow school bus for part of the 75 minute journey.
This was also a good place to practice speaking French, as the locals spoke slowly, and greatly appreciated visitors who made the effort to speak their language. We took the bus into the main town, saw the impressive cathedral, the iconic wooden clad houses and wandered down the main shopping street.

Although phenomenally windy on the dockside, the town itself was calm and reasonably warm.
It was only after we returned to the ship that the rain descended in torrents forcing our final (Great British) sailaway inside to the Crows Nest.

(Thank you to fellow guest Anita for allowing me to use this photo.)

Today 29th Sept we are at sea on the second of six sea days which will transport us back to Southampton. It is 4 pm ship's time. We have passed through the Belle Isle Strait which divides Labrador from Newfoundland, and are just beginning to feel the swell of the Atlantic Ocean.   I will try and post some pictures from around the ship in the next blog post and keep readers updated about the weather. Photos of New York will follow later.

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