Monday, 11 September 2017

Arcadia Departure Day

8.00 am
Departure Day has finally arrived, and Mr Bits and myself will shortly be on our way to Southampton ready to board Arcadia for a 24 night cruise to the USA and Canada.
When I booked this cruise last year, it seemed an age away, but now the time is passing very quickly. 24 nights is quite a long time to be away, and has required a bit of organisation. Hopefully we have done all that is needed, including two complete sets of medication and pump accessories for Chris in different luggage in case one lot gets lost.
I don't always blog 'live', as it's a bit of a security risk in so far as it tells the world we will be away. On this occasion we have friends 'house-sitting' so it will not be a problem. It also means I have to leave the house tidy!
10.00 am
The taxi is here....I did warn the driver we had a lot of luggage! The driver explains that he has arrived early to check that he can fit all our cases in his car. I squirm slightly with embarassment as I watch him attempt to squeeze all our luggage into his beautifully polished Jaguar. With a bit of pushing and twisting and the help of the front passenger seat the mission is successful. We do some last minute checks, and off we go.
12.30 pm
When we arrival at the terminal, the lovely people from P&O are already checking in passengers. Our paperwork appears to be in order. We receive our cruise cards and head for security. Hand baggage is X-rayed and I proceed through the scanning archway which thankfully does not bleep or alarm. Chris is not allowed through the arch because of his insulin pump, so he has to be frisked by a  fierce looking security guard. We breathe a sigh of relief that we have both passed the test. We take the long walk through the airborne tunnels and board Arcadia.
1.15 pm
If you haven't seen the photo on facebook, this is our home for the next 24 days.

I pour us each a glass of the red wine, which I decanted from a half drunk bottle into an empty plastic bottle just before we left home. Cheers everybody!

I will be blogging as often as I can, but if you wonder where we are, here is a link to the ship's locator and webcam.

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