Friday, 22 September 2017

Arcadia is Poorly

I woke this morning with an overwhelming feeling of optimism. The sea was much calmer, the rain had stopped, and a dramatic sunrise began to emerge over our cabin balcony.

We had arrived in Halifax, our trip to Peggy's Cove was waiting, and I intended, in due course, to write about today's trip.
However, knowing how many friends and family of passengers are following my blog, I have decided to use this post to update you on more recent problems.
We were back on board by the designated time of 3 pm ready to set off on our journey to Saguenay. When nothing happened in a hurry, we assumed that a coach load of passengers had been delayed. Then around 4 pm, the Captain announced that the ship had 'technical difficulties', and our departure would be delayed.
A man in a hard hat appeared, and an additional gangway was brought to the portside.

 There seemed to be a lot of men talking and scratching their heads. Strange equipment was installed next to the ship.

We waited until 6 pm, listened to a single bagpipe play 'Speed Bonny Boat' on the dock, watched Crystal Serenity sail out to the tune of 'What a Wonderful World', and finally received more information from the Captain. The ship still had problems....we would not be sailing tonight......he would update us at 9 am tomorrow morning......shuttle busses would be provided for anyone who wished to return to Halifax in the evening. There was no information given about how many shops, restaurants and bars would be open, so unsurprisingly most passengers stayed on board.
Rumours have grown about what the technical problem is....possibly something to do with a propeller or side thruster, but we have been given no more official information. The lack of information is really not helpful.
Nevertheless, we are all safe, and the ship's activities continue to keep up morale. Here are the amazing Matt and Sarah keeping us all entertained.

I will update readers tomorrow, as soon as I have something to tell. (We are still 4 hours behind the UK).

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