Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Atlantic Crossing

We are currently on the P and O ship Arcadia, heading towards New York. The outward crossing involves 7 sea days, and this post was started on day 2. Ship's time was then 7.48 am, 2 hours behind the UK. Each day so far they have given us an extra hour at 2 am so we gradually convert to USA time. Mr Bits' insulin pump is coping with the changes, but his body is very confused.
Within hours of leaving Southampton, the wind speed increased to force 9, and discreet paper bags (they call them comfort bags) appeared attached to the hand rails in the lift lobbies. Luckily, we are good sea travellers, and don't need the bags, but it was still a challenge to move around the ship. With such an early rough sea, our legs had had very little time to adjust to the sea's movement. Some passengers looked very white-faced indeed, and others hibernated in their cabins.  

Nevertheless we managed to wobble up to the Viceroy Room for a joint meetup with fellow facebook and cruise critic passengers. Leon, the entertainments manager, popped in to say hello, and P&O provided complimentary tea and coffee for the 50 of us who had braved the journey to the front of the ship. The captain then appeared and sat down next to Mr Bits. The captain posed for photographs with passengers, and explained that once we had crossed the 'continental shelf', there would be less conflicting currents, and the sea would be calmer.
It's reassuring to know that our leader understands the seas. He was of course correct. This morning we woke up in a much reduced force 6, which is still quite a swell, but we can at least stand up. Yesterday, the covered pool was netted off, but I am hoping they will open it today, and I can soon test it out.

It is now day 3. Thankfully, the sea is much calmer. We have been to three quizzes, watched two comedians, listened to one speaker, and ate an alarming amount of food.
I keep meeting people who tell me they are reading my book. They've obviously looked at my facebook link from the cruise group, and downloaded the kindle version of my novel.  "Are you the writer?" they ask. "Who me?...Oh, yes, so I am!" I hope they enjoy it, or we might not have any friends by the end of the cruise.
In my next post I will tell readers more about the ship.

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