Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Cruise Diversion

Cruising is rarely dull. We have now been informed that Hurricane Jose is heading North towards New York and beyond. It is category 1, so quite small compared to the terrible storms which have devastated the Caribbean, but powerful enough to cause some very rough sea states if you happen to be in the vicinity. So the Captain has changed our itinerary. Yesterday while we were at dinner, he announced that we would be missing out Rhode Island and heading straight for Boston. For those of you with friends or family on our cruise, this is nothing to worry about. We are simply running away from rough seas rather than sailing into them. It will be a shame to miss Newport, but these things happen. We should arrive in Boston at about 9 pm today. The sea was a bit choppy overnight (force 7) so I think it was a wise decision to divert.
Before the hurricane approached, our evening sailaway from New York was beautifully warm and calm and memorable.
I will add my hectic daytime photos of New York to a later blog post. but for now here is a taste of our amazing nightime sailaway.


  1. Brilliant photos Claire and thanks for the hurricane info too. I have my son and his wife (Matt&SarahDuo) aboard and nice to know the state of play, as it were! X

    1. Your son and his wife are lovely people spoke to them a few times